Trani is known as the “Adriatic pearl” and it is one of the most charming city in all the Apulia.

Its Cathedral overlooking the sea is one of the beauties in Italy. The old town strikes thanks to architectural and artistic beauties, important buildings and monuments, such as Roman Cathedral, Svevo Castle, Caccetta’s Palace and Antonacci Telesio’s Palace.

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Andria, one of the city of the Apulia, is known as the three bell-towers town. Situated in the heart of the Murgia, it is about 150 meters above sea level and about 10 km from the Adriatic Sea.

Castel del Monte, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the 12th-century Cathedral are some of the symbols of the city.

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The Nymphaeum, events location among the most known and appreciated in Andria, is straight in front of the Basilica Pontificia di Santa Maria dei Miracoli, a worship place among the most visited in all the Region, where is preserved and adored the statue of the Virgin Mary and the Child, that is believed to be miraculous.

The Basilica, close to the Nymphaeum and accessible through its gardens, dated back to the 1000 and develops on three levels: all of them preserve polychrome arcades, amazing frescos, a wonderful pipe organ (1854) and a lot of elements that make the Basilica one of the most apprecaited worship places where to celebrate a wedding.

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Castel del Monte is one of the most striking fortress in Italy.

It was built in XIII century and today is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, thanks to its fascinating architecture, characterized by military and symbolic elements.

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Murgia National Park, established in 2004, extends over 68.000 hectares and offers a great variety in flora and fauna.

There are many different habitats, mostly characterized by rocks, woods and steppe, and a wide variety of small and medium sized animal species.

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The Apulia is one of the most charming areas in Italy thanks to beautiful landscapes, secular traditions and excellent food.

You will fall in love with this region and its features, such as the typical trulli, fortresses, Roman building and Gothic and Baroque ones.

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